Export Contact

Exporting contacts from your iPhone doesn’t have to be complicated, and this app is the proof of it. With a simple and straightforward user interface, this app will walk you through the few short steps to backing up and exporting your contacts.

Easy to use

This application is extremely simple to use. Select the file format, back up your contacts, export them, and you’re done! Have a look at the screenshots and you will see how simple it is.

3 export file types

Choose from three different formats to export your contacts: vCard (.vcf), CSV (.csv), or Excel (.xlsx). These are the most widely-used formats when dealing with contacts. Any of these formats will let you easily import your contacts into other apps or services such as Gmail, Outlook, and more.

Choose your export method

Export your contacts the way you want. You can export them using email, SMS, iMessage, Dropbox, iCloud Drive, Slack, Evernote, and more.

Unlimited use

You can back up and export your contacts as many times as you want.

Safe and private

This app is 100% safe for your contacts. The backup and export is done locally on your iPhone. Unlike other apps, this one does not analyze or store your contacts on a remote server.

No ads or hidden fees

Unlike similar applications, this app doesn’t display any ads or tries to charge you extra for services you don’t need.

Frequently Asked questions

I’m trying to import a vCard (.vcf) file into Outlook but it only imports one contact. What can I do?

Microsoft Outlook does not allow to import more than one contact in a .vcf file. It doesn’t make sense, but that’s a limitation of the app. An Outlook support document says the best way to import your contacts into Outlook is to do so using a CSV file, which Export Contact can generate. So in short, if you want to import your contacts into Outlook, first export them as a CSV file, then import them into Outlook.

Question about Export Contact?

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