Contact Groups

Create and manage contact groups, send group emails, and group texts at the touch of a button!

Create groups for work, friends, family, activities, and more, and easily keep in touch with them.

6 reasons to download the Contact Groups app:

  • Easily create and manage contact groups
  • Send group texts and group emails
  • Choose what number or email address to use for each contact
  • Have the app remember preferred phone numbers or email addresses
  • A simple, intuitive, and beautiful design   
  • Your contacts are 100% safe and never uploaded to a server

Frequently Asked Questions

I bought the Pro version but I still see ads, or all features aren't unlocked. What can I do?

Open the app and go to the app’s settings. Tap on the Contact Groups Pro tab at the top. Tap on the Restore Purchase link.

Assuming you did purchase the Pro version to begin with, this will unlock all Pro features.

How to delete multiple contacts at once?

Note that contact deletion is irreversible!

1) Tap on the Contacts tab at the bottom of the screen.

2) Tap on the Select button in the upper left.

3) Select all the contacts you want to delete.

4) Tap on the red Delete button.

5) Confirm you want to delete the contacts.

I accidentally deleted a bunch of contacts, can I get them back?

If you are using iCloud to store your contacts, you may be able to restore deleted contacts by following these instructions.

If your contacts are stored somewhere else (ie. Google Gmail), please search the web to find out how to recover them.

How do I delete a group?

On the main screen of the app that lists all groups, swipe right to left on the event you want to delete.

The app cannot send group emails. Why?

In order to send group emails with the app, you must have an email account set up in the default iPhone Mail app. If you don’t, it will not work.

That means that if you, for example, only use the Gmail app on your iPhone to send emails, it will not work.

If that is the case, the simple solution is to add your email account to the default Mail app.

Of course you will still be able to use the Gmail app (or whatever email application you use) as your main application for day to day use, but group emails will be sent through the default Mail app.

I want to send text messages as individual text messages. How can I do this?

There are 2 things you must do for this to happen:

1. If all the contacts in your text message are using an iPhone, by default, your iPhone will send the message as an iMessage. In a group iMessage, everyone can see responses from the group. If you don’t want this to happen, you must disable iMessage altogether by going into Settings > Messages, and turning off the iMessage toggle at the top. We understand this is not an ideal solution but we are limited by what Apple allows apps like ours to do.

2. With iMessage disabled, you iPhone will try to send the message as an MMS. In an MMS, everyone can see responses from the group. If you don’t want this to happen, you must disable the MMS feature by going to Settings > Messages, and turning off the MMS Messaging toggle.

With these two options disabled, you will unfortunately not be able to attach photos or images to your text messages. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience, but please understand we are limited by what Apple and carriers allow apps like ours to do.

You may learn more about the different types of messages in this support document on Apple’s website.

I want my text messages to be sent to everyone as a group and I want everyone to send responses and see other people’s responses. How do I do that?

Because not everyone uses iPhones, this could be a tricky situation.

First, make sure that iMessage and MMS Messaging options are enabled in Settings > Messages.

If everyone in the group uses an iPhone, the text will be sent as a group iMessage. If not everyone uses an iPhone but uses recent smartphones, the text will be sent as an MMS. In these situations, everyone will see responses from the group and will be able to reply to the group as well.

But if some members of the group are using older phones, it could break the chain and prevent these people from seeing everybody’s response, or even having the responses seen by everyone.

Please understand this has nothing to do with the application itself. This is all about the type of phones your contacts are using.

Is there a limit to how many contacts I can send a text message to at a time?

The app itself doesn’t have any limit, but some carriers do set some limits on their end. You will have to check with your carrier directly to find out what their limit it.

Can you export a group?

Yes and no. You can export all the contacts included in a group, but you cannot export a group that includes the contacts as well as the name of the group.

To export the contacts from a group, select the group, then tap the Share button at the bottom of the screen. Select how you want to share the contacts (ie. email or text). The recipient will receive a .vcf file which can be imported into most phones or computers.

When I export a group via SMS, it only exports the first contact. What can I do?

While it may actually look like you are exporting only one contact, all contacts in your group are actually being exported. The problem lays with how iOS shows the preview of the exported file, and unfortunately there is nothing I can do about it.

But try it for yourself. Send that file and the recipient will receive the entire group.

Question about Contact Groups?

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